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Practical Placement in Specialization Subject

The reports from winter semester 2017/18 are corrected and can be picked up at our institute's administration (room 2.0.18).

In winter and summer semesters, the following experiments will take place as advanced practical placements in specialization subjects and as APMB tests:

  • Determination of the surface temperature field and the emissivity of a model facade by means of an infrared camera
  • Determination of the efficiency curve and power curve of a solar flat plate collector
  • Determination of the performance coefficient of a water pump / water heat pump
  • Performance measurement on a heat exchanger in co-current and counter current flow
  • Diffusion absorption refrigerating machine
  • Operation of a battery-fuel cell hybrid system (organized and supervised by IES)
  • Function and performance of a compression refrigeration system
  • Total assessment and determination of the efficiency curve of a natural-gas powered mini CHP plant

Please note:
It is mandatory to bring a calculator and a protractor / ruler to the experiment.
t the beginning of the experiment, you will need to answer to comprehension questions.
In case of insufficient knowledge / preparation, participation is denied.

By registration for an experiment, you are obliged to attend. 


Registration and grouping From 5/28/2017 to 6/8/2017 via Campus
Practical placement From 6/18/2018 to 7/12/2018, 2:00 - 4:00 pm, 
Pfaffenwaldring 10 / Room 0.03
Deadline for submission of report 7/31/2018 at the latest

Please note: You are allowed to register for only one (binding) appointment per experiment. In case of multiple registration for an individual experiment, all respective entries for the experiment will be deleted. 


Experiment descriptions (in German)
IR camera (pdf icon)  
Solar flat plate collector (pdf icon)  
Water pump / water heat pump (pdf icon)  
Heat exchanger (pdf icon)  
Diffusion absorption refrigerating machine (pdf icon)
Compression refrigeration system (pdf icon)  
Mini CHP plant (pdf icon)