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Practical Placement

In the summer semester the following tests are used as practical placement and APMB tests in Mechanical Engineering/Vehicle- and Engine Technology/Technology Management and as a deepening internship in Energy Systems Engineering:

  • Determining of the surface temperature field and the emissivity of a model facade by means of an infrared camera
  • Determination of the efficiency curve and power curve of a solar flat plate collector
  • Determination of the performance coefficient of a water/water heat pump
  • Performance measurement on a heat exchanger in co-and counter current
  • Electronic determination of the indicator diagram of a Stirling cycle engine model
  • Operation of a battery-fuel cell hybrid system
  • Function and performance of a compression refrigeration system
  • Function and efficiency of a mini CHP plant

Note: Calculator and protractor / ruler must be brought to trial. At the beginning of the experiment, understanding questions will be asked. With insufficient knowledge or preparation the participation is denied.



Registration and grouping 05.06. und 06.06.2012: 9:30 - 11:30 Uhr
Pfaffenwaldring 6 (ITW)
Implementation of the internship 18.06. bis 20.07.2012: 14:00 - 15:30 Uhr
Pfaffenwaldring 10 / Raum 0.03
Submission deadline for the drafting 20.08.2012

Caution: Test "Heat Exchanger" 13.30 - 15.30 Uhr (2h)



Test description
IR-Kamera (pdf icon)  
Sonnenkollektor (pdf icon)  
Wärmepumpe (pdf icon)  
Wärmeübertrager (pdf icon)  
Stirlingmotor (pdf icon) Animation
Brennstoffzelle (pdf icon) Poster (pdf icon),  Bedienungsanleitung Nexa (pdf icon)
Kälteanlage (pdf icon)  
Mini - BHKW (pdf icon)  



More Information

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