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Each year, the Institute of Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering offers field trips to companies. Information about the next field trip will be provided in due time.

You can download the following field trip reports (in German) here:


  • Excursion winter semester 2011/12: Buch (pdf iconpdf)
  • Excursion summer semester 2011: Kühner (pdf iconpdf)
  • Report on the DKV conference 2010 in Magdeburg (pdf iconpdf)
  • Students attended the DKV conference 2009 in Berlin (pdf iconpdf)
  • Excursion summer semester 2009: Wieland (pdf iconpdf)
  • Excursion winter semester 2008/09: Heizkraftwerk Kreuzäcker (pdf iconpdf)
  • Excursion summer semester 2007: API Schmidt-Bretten (pdf iconpdf)
  • Excursion summer semester 2007: Stuttgarter Hofbräu(pdf iconpdf)
  • Excursion winter semester 2006/07: Scharnhauser Park(pdf iconpdf)
  • Excursion winter semester 2006/07: Linde (pdf iconpdf)
  • Excursion summer semester 2006: Kühner(pdf iconpdf)
  • Excursion summer semester 2005: Roller(pdf iconpdf)
  • Excursion summer semester 1999: Wieland, Küba (pdf iconpdf)