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Current Projects

The AMADEUS project will investigate the next generation of materials and devices for latent heat thermal energy storage (LHTES) at ultra-high temperatures of up to 2000 °C which are well beyond today's maximum operation temperatures of ~1000 °C. more

The main objective of the project is to develop and validate an innovative system for energy management, energy storage and for flexible supply with various renewable energies into electricity networks and/or heating networks via connecting electrical and thermal sector. more

The objective of the CROW project is the strategic and sustainable expansion and optimization of the solar district heating system “Hirtenwiesen II” in Crailsheim: considering the increased number of heat consumers connected to the district heating system, the originally planned solar fraction of at least 50 % shall be achieved again. more

Das Projekt SpeedColl2  greift die Ergebnisse des vorangegangenen Projekts SpeedColl auf, in dem unter anderem solarthermische Kollektoren und deren Komponenten über einen Zeitraum von vier Jahren in unterschiedlichen Regionen exponiert und im Labor untersucht sowie Modelle für Alterungsprozesse erstellt wurden. more

The project objective is to reduce the solar heat generation costs by approximately 40 % to increase the competitiveness of solar thermal energy versus other heat generation technologies. more

The operational conditions of district heating systems are subject to a constant change, e.g. due to decreasing specific heat consumption along with energy-efficiency retrofits or refurbishments of existing buildings (Energieeinsparverordnung EnEV; German energy savings regulations for buildings). As a result, district heating systems must be adjusted to the new operational requirements. An improved chilling of the district heating water more

In the previous SolSpaces project, a new solar heating system with sorption thermal energy store was developed and tested in a research building. The purpose of the new heating concept is to cover the building’s thermal heat demand almost completely on a solar base via seasonal heat storage with the sorption thermal energy store. more

The "SunAir Balcony" research project deals with the development of solar air collectors that are used as a balcony balustrade. more

The objective of the project is a development and optimization tool for flat plate collectors, based on CFD simulations and virtual performance tests. more

In heat supply systems with combined heat and power generation, with thermal solar systems as well as in industrial processes, surpluses of heat are available to a considerable extent. Via heat storage, this heat can be delivered to consumers at a later point of time. This time shift of the use of the heat makes it possible to increase the efficiency of fuel conversion as well as the share of renewable energy sources in a heat supply system significantly. more

The major objective of the overall project is to broaden the fundamental understanding of sorption stores and to create the conditions for essentially improved sorption stores via a basic research approach. Material research of sorbents and composites as well as approaches for an improvement of heat and mass transfer are to be considered in close relation with the boundary conditions of the respective application. more