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Solar Collectors

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Tests according EN ISO 9806:2013, EN 12975 part 1
and SRCC Standard 100 and 600

  • Thermal performance outdoor test under quasi-dynamic conditions
  • Thermal performance indoor and outdoor test under steady state conditions
  • Determination of IAM and area related heat capacity with an outdoor test
  • Test of durability and reliability
    - Internal pressure test for fluid channels
    - Exposure test (class A, B and C)
    - High-temperature resistance
    - Determination of stagnation temperature
    - Internal thermal shock test
    - External thermal shock test
    - Rain penetration test
    - Mechanical load (positive and negative pressure)
    - Impact restistance test (hail test) with steel and ice balls
    - Pressure drop measurement
  • Performance of detailed investigations for research and development
  • Individual specific tests of solar collectors


  • Test reports with technical data, tests results and power or efficiency curve,
    as a basis for certification for SOLAR KEYMARK and und SRCC
  • Collector data sheet DIN CERTCO
  • Prediction of the yearly energy gain for reference climate data of Hannover, Würzburg und Stötten (Schwäbische Alb) and others

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Test facilities

Outdoor test facility

  • 5 test stadions for solar collectors  up to maximum 6 m2 gross area
  • Tracker for collectors up to maximum 7 m2 gross area
  • High temperature modul for thermal performance tests up to 180 °C
  • test stadions for performance of specific investigations, such as facade or  roof integrated collectors up to maximum 20 m2 gross area
  • 15 test stadions für exposure tests, internal and external thermal shocks, high temperature resisitance
  • artificial springling of solar collectors with gross area of maximum 7 m2
  • mechanical load test with positive pressure up to 6000 Pa

Indoor test facility

  • 2 solar simulators, maxium test area 10 m 2, maximum solar irradiation 1200 W/m2
  • climate chamber with temperture and humidity control, artificial solar and UV radiation for long term exposition
    and artificial weathering
  • mechanical load test with positive and negative pressure up to maximum 3500 Pa
  • impact resistance test with steel balls (weight 150 g, up to 2.7 m height)
    or ice balls ( 15 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm, 45 mm)

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Dr.-Ing. Stephan Fischer

Dipl.-Ing. Claus Twerdy

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